Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Office 2.0

I've recently rebuilt my basement office -- or at least rearranged it. What makes it an office? Mainly, the existence of the MacBook, which I spent last year carrying around the house, trying to find a quiet corner to write. Now I've got almost everything I need in one space, excluding my vintage 1979 Kenner Alien figure, which I still keep locked away for fear of its safety. Someday I'll have a place for that too. That, and my even more vintage cymbal-clanging monkey, which is so scary that my kids won't even let me bring it out in daylight.

Scary sucker, isn't he?

Meanwhile, I'm using my new office space to work on a screenplay, and edits for next year's middle-grade book, LENNY CYRUS, SCHOOL VIRUS. I've also got a November publication date for the AU REVOIR sequel, PERRY'S EUROPEAN PLAYLIST, and some possible jacket art that I'm dying to share with you, once we finalize plans for it.

So stay tuned, okay?

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