Saturday, November 12, 2011

At Harry's Bar in Venice

The photo was taken last fall, when my family and I were in Europe. It was a research trip for a novel that I was working on, but also just an excuse to see Italy, France, Switzerland and the UK.

But let me go back a bit...

My name is Joe Schreiber. I live in Hershey, Pennsylvania. I work at a nearby hospital as an MRI technologist, I'm a father of two young kids, and I write books. Like this one...

A couple weeks ago, Houghton Mifflin published my first YA novel, Au Revoir, Crazy European Chick. Here's the book trailer...

There's a UK edition coming out from Egmont/Electric Monkey in March.

I've got a sequel coming out next year -- the one that I was in Italy researching last year -- and hopefully I'll be able to post the cover art for that soon. Meanwhile, stay tuned for more updates about forthcoming work, books, screenplays and general nonsense.

If you're a writer, a reader, or just curious about what would compel anybody to spend hours, days, months and years of their life in total solitude, putting words on paper, maybe you should come back and hang out here sometime. Or we could be friends on Facebook. Or follow me on Twitter.

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  1. Hi Joe,
    My son loved your book "Game Over, Pete Watson"! He's doing a fiction book report on it. I'm currently reading it too and find it interesting, exciting and very humorous ;) We were trying to figure out how old Pete Watson is. . .I'm guessing he's 12 years old and a Middle Grader? We think you're a talented writer and love your sense of humor in this book. We hope there will be a sequel to Game Over, Pete Watson as we'll be line to read it :) Keep up the excellent work!!! We're big fans of your book!
    Best wishes,
    April (a Mom to an 11 year old video game enthusiast)